Many of you have seen the Volker Jung turbine powered coaxial helicopter Peter Wales tried to fly, usually ending in a pile of pieces. When he tried this model he was delighted to find that it was easy to build and easy to fly. It also stayed together and now has many succesful flights.


It is smooth and vibration free and will make a perfect set of mechanics for a small scale KA-32 or a KA-52 fuselage, so we are having fuselages made and they should be available late spring / early summer.

This model comes with blades and most parts are pre assembled, making for a nice quick build. Even the pushrods have the links fitted and are very close to the correct size, only requiring final trimming for perfect tracking. It is possible to change the supplied plastic blades for slightly longer 450 size blades.

The price for this little jewel is $549 plus shipping.

Then you could make one of these